Buffing Palladium Rings

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How often does a palladium ring need to be buffed?

How often a palladium ring needs to be buffed depends on conditions the ring is exposed to and the amount of overall care the ring is given.

For the purposes of every day wear palladium wedding rings, it is best to have the rings professionally cleaned and buffed at least once a year - at a once a year buff and professional clean too, gemstone and diamond settings can be checked to make sure they are stable and secure.

If your ring goes through extra wear and tear, a twice a year buff and polish will usually maintain the luster and shine on the ring.
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Cleaning and buffing the rings every year will also help to reduce excessive accumulations of oils on the ring and will gently remove small scratches and dings. Yearly maintenance on the rings will reduce buffing times and overall costs as well and will preserve the original beauty of the ring.

And while a once – or twice a year – schedule for the ring will keep its shine, it’s a good idea to take the ring in for a buff as needed too, especially if the ring was exposed to a particularly rough time or has accumulated more scratches or dings than usual.

You may find that one year the ring needs to be buffed just once – and another year it may need to be buffed two or three times.

Again, it all depends on wear – but on average a once or twice a year buff is all that is needed for palladium rings. (Remember, palladium is a very durable metal and holds up well to wear!).

To extend the shine of the rings between each cleaning and buffing follow these tips:
  • Remove palladium wedding rings if there is a chance that the rings could be exposed to hard knocks or blows.

  • Take care not to expose palladium rings to harsh chemicals.

  • To avoid a buildup of oily residue on the rings, remove the rings before applying lotion or if you will be using your hands to apply hair gels or serums.

As with all other types of wedding rings, use the services of a local jeweler who specializes in cleaning and buffing rings and who has experience working with palladium in particular.

Between a yearly, or twice a year, buff and clean – the ring can be maintained by a once a week cleaning. Simply place the ring in a solution of warm water with a few drops of gentle detergent – then wash the ring with a very soft brush or washcloth and then completely dry the ring with a clean, super soft cotton cloth.

I hope this answers your question – and do write back if you have any additional questions about palladium rings!

Suzanne Gardner
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Shine palladium ring
by: Dawn

Will I need to do the boiling water and baking soda mix in this ring? Will it harm the metal or keep it super white like it does on my sterling silver rings?


Hi Dawn,

If you want to maintain that super white color of a new palladium ring, it's best to clean the ring periodically with an over-the-counter jewelry cleaner and be sure to use a soft polishing cloth. The ring can also be professionally cleaned and buffed as needed. You can also soak the ring in a mixture of hot water and dish soap - then rub dry with a soft cloth.

Baking soda can be somewhat abrasive and is not recommended for cleaning metal jewelry as it can cause small scratches which may accumulate over time.


Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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