Antique Engraved Ring

by Brittany

I have a ring that was found and it is very unique. It has engravings but they are worn. Me and my husband have been trying to figure out what the engravings mean and where this ring came from...but we have been unable to do so.

It is just a simple silver ring but the engravings have to mean something. I know the ring is pretty old but we need help to find the origin of this ring...

Hi Brittany,

I wish I could offer some type of conclusive information about your ring - but it is difficult to say what the engravings could mean, or to offer additional information about the history of the ring, without additional details.

Silver can be particularly difficult to date, because it has been used so frequently - for hundreds of years - to create rings.

The engravings could possibly be a maker's mark and a hallmark stamp which have worn away with time. Maker's marks and hallmark stamps are usually side by side, and if they have faded they may look a bit like two blurry circles or squares. The engravings could also have been a special message or a date.

Antique jewelers may be able to identify what the engravings are by taking a close look at them through a jeweler's loupe. Sometimes, even just a little portion of the engraving which remains can offer valuable clues on the history and origin of the ring.

It may also be possible to identify the age of the ring based on its style - but if it is a plain band, the style probably would not yield any additional clues.

The ring can also possibly be dated based on the workmanship and silver used to create the ring - for example, hand-pounded vs. machine rolled silver.

My best recommendation is to have the ring examined by a professional antique jeweler for an evaluation on what the engravings might be and perhaps an estimate on the ring's age. (The engravings if identified could also provide information on when and where the ring was made).

I hope that someday you can find out more about your ring!

Thank-you -

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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