Amethyst Ring Durability?

I was shopping for an amethyst engagement ring when I was told by the jewelry store that it was a very bad idea to use amethyst in a ring because it would scratch very easily and I would need to get it replaced every 2 to 3 years.

I have looked up all kinds of information to see if this is a common opinion and find nothing like that. I am wondering if she was right or if she was just trying to get me to spend more money as she said I could color a sapphire and it would only cost about $1000, just for the stone. I love purple and part of the reason I picked amethyst is because it is more unique than a diamond and much cheaper.

While a sapphire is more durable than an amethyst, an amethyst engagement ring will last a lifetime with the right care – and an amethyst will not scratch easily.

Perhaps the jeweler was not familiar with how real amethyst will perform in a gemstone ring – and unless the gemstone in the ring is repeatedly exposed to extremely hard knocks or blows there is no reason why it should need to be replaced every two to three years.

A sapphire rates a 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale and an amethyst rates a 7.0 on the Mohs hardness scale, but the Mohs hardness scale is not a linear scale (so a sapphire is not ‘2 points’ harder than an amethyst).

At a hardness value of 7.0, an amethyst ring will only require minimal care. As with most gemstone rings, including rings made with diamonds and sapphires, care should be taken to avoid any hard knocks or blows directly on the gemstone.

The only special care consideration for amethyst gemstones is that the purple color of the gemstones can fade under repeated and prolonged exposure to sunlight. To preserve the quality of the purple hues of the amethyst for many years to come, it is best to either remove the ring if you are planning on spending a full day in the sun or simply turning the ring so the gemstone is on the inside of your finger.

Regarding purple sapphires, I do not know of any color treatments which can be used to artificially color a sapphire purple. Sapphires are found in many colors – including purple – and some types of sapphires can be heated to intensify their natural colors – but to my knowledge a colorless sapphire cannot be colored purple. Purple sapphires are either produced naturally or through laboratory processes used to create artificial or synthetic color change sapphires which contain light purple/gray hues.

If you love amethyst, definitely go for an amethyst engagement ring. Amethyst is an affordable and durable gemstone – and you can find a beautiful amethyst engagement ring made with a quality cut gem with a premium setting and band for a low price. In fact, amethyst is so affordable that it is possible to find an amethyst set in a platinum wedding band for less than $1,000 dollars.

Thanks - and do write again if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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amethyst chip
by: Anonymous


My father had a ring made for my mom with an amethyst as the center. It was their 50th anniversary. He used her 25th anniversary diamonds from her studs in the ring as well. Mom has passed away and I have worn the ring a few times before noticing there is a definite scratch and a large chip in it. I am heartbroken. My father paid a lot for this ring. I haven't had it evaluated. Your comments here make me think that his jeweler may not have used a real amethyst. I will take the ring to a different jeweler now. Perhaps it can be repaired.

Amethyst Ring purchased by your father
by: Anonymous Friend

Dear Anonymous:

What was the opinion of another gemologist?

Was the ring purchasef by your father for your mother made with a real amethyst?

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