Age of my ring set

by Jessica

Just wondering if anyone can look at my ring set and date it/tell me anything about it.

Hi Jessica,

Additional information about the ring would help to shed light on when the ring was made. For example, the diamond cuts and setting materials and the type of metal that was used to make the ring.

That being said, it is quite possible that this ring is from the Retro Era (mid-1930s to early 1950s). It is during the Retro Period when ring sets were crafted more frequently and became more popular.

The ring also displays a style that is familiar to this time - symmetry combined with asymmetry, and the use of setting multiple diamonds in a cluster to create a particular shape.

During the Retro Period, metals were restricted due to the War Effort, rings made in the 1930s were often crafted with platinum and white gold while rings in the 1940s were prominently created with palladium.

To find out more about rings from the Retro Age, take a look at EWR'S Retro Rings and the Vintage Wedding Set page.

Now, it is always possible that this ring is an imitation of Retro style rings and may be relatively new.

To find out if this is indeed a Retro ring set, it would be best to take the ring to an antique dealer/jeweler who can assess the materials used to make the ring and examine the quality of the stones in the ring.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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