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topaz engagement rings

Topaz engagement rings hold an eye catching and long lasting gemstone which is perfect for every day wear wedding rings. But, couples will need to shop wisely for topaz jewelry because some types of enhanced topaz gemstones should not be used for rings - or any type of jewelry.

To find the perfect ring that will last a lifetime, use the helpful info below including a complete description of the different types of topaz colors, prices, enhancements, special care, and notable topaz warnings that will help you to avoid low quality topaz gemstones. And if you have any questions about topaz engagement rings or wedding bands, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page to send in your questions - or to share reviews and pics of your amazing topaz ring with future visitors!

Topaz Properties

The topaz gemstone has it all: durability, plenty of flash and fire and affordability. Plus, topaz looks stunning in any number of cuts including round, marquise, cushion, pear and emerald cuts.

Durability = Very Good
Hardness = 8.0
Refractive Index = 1.607 - 1.627
Specific Gravity = 3.53 - 3.56

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What is Topaz?

Topaz is a type of silicate mineral, and it has been a popular gemstone for many years. In its natural state, topaz is usually a colorless transparent gemstone. Sometimes, topaz may be found naturally in light gray, very light blue, brown, or light yellow colors. Rarely, topaz may be found in deep pink or red-yellow colors.

Most topaz engagement rings sold in today's jewelry market have been enhanced in some way to produce more vibrant colors.

Topaz is obtained in a number of countries including: Afghanistan, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Zimbabwe.

The Meaning of Topaz

Topaz is believed to be a gemstone that calms tumultuous emotions while also drawing energy to the wearers to give them the energy they need when draining or troublesome events occur.

Topaz is the classic and modern birthstone for the month of November.

Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

Very light almost steel gray blue topaz is found rarely in nature, but the color is often so light that it is not very desirable for use in jewelry and rings.

Most topaz sold today is colorless topaz which has been irradiated and then heated to produce the beautiful shades of blue that are most often associated with blue topaz engagement rings. This type of treatment, labeled with an R, has an excellent stability rating, and the stone requires no special care after this enhancement.

Blue topaz engagement rings are more affordable than most other colors, with prices ranging from $8.00 per carat to $32.00 per carat. The more highly valued blue topaz are the darker colors such as the 'Sierra Blue,' 'Swiss Blue,' and the 'London Blue' topaz gemstones.

London blue topaz rings will display a deep almost teal-blue color, and are often priced higher than rings made with the bright topaz blue that this gemstone is so well known for.

Most of the value of a blue topaz lies not within the gemstone but in the labor it took to cut the stone. A commercial cut stone is often available for $40 to $50 dollars, but a custom cut stone can sell for as much as $150 dollars. Extremely unique cuts which required a lot of labor and skill may sell for even higher prices.

Due to the fact that most topaz is transparent with a high degree of clarity, high clarity does not have a big impact on price. But, any visible blemishes or inclusions can dramatically lower the value of the stone.

For the blue topaz, price per carat does not increase by much as the carat size increases (you can purchase a 5 carat blue topaz gemstone for a price that is not much higher than a 1 carat blue topaz).

Although, blue topaz engagement rings and wedding rings may cost much more than the gemstone, especially if the gemstone has been set with diamonds or if the ring is made with metals such as platinum and palladium.

If you are a shopper on a budget, than a sterling silver blue topaz ring may be the perfect choice - although silver rings do require special care, with a little TLC your ring can stay in excellent condition for generations.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is topaz which is pink to pink-orange to light orange-yellow color.

Almost all imperial topaz on today's market has been treated or enhanced. Most of these gemstones were originally very lightly tinted topaz which was then irradiated and heated to produce intense pinks, reds, and pink-orange colors.

  • Labeled with an R, irradiated and heated enhancement imperial topaz has an excellent to good stability rating. A special care note though: enhanced imperial topaz should not be exposed to extreme high heat or the color may fade.

As with blue topaz, imperial topaz is priced most often on a custom cut and on the brilliance, fire, and intensity of the colors. Imperial topaz which has not been treated is quite rare and fetches some of the highest prices on the topaz market.

Enhanced pink topaz engagement rings are priced on average around $30.00 per carat, but rings with gemstones larger than 5 carats in size sell for much higher per carat prices. Bright intense pink colors often sell for higher than average prices too.

Real pink topaz which has not been enhanced sells for thousands of dollars per carat. Buyers should beware when they see affordable 'natural pink topaz' for sale - this is actually a misleading term which some sellers use, because after all - topaz, even treated topaz, is still a naturally occurring mineral.

But, unless the 'natural pink topaz' has a high price tag, it is regular topaz which has been artificially enhanced.

Precious Topaz: Yellow and Orange

Precious topaz is a term used to describe the bright, almost delicious looking, yellow and orange topaz gemstones.

As with the other types of topaz, the dramatic yellow and orange colors are produced by irradiating and heating colorless and lightly tinted topaz. These treatments have an excellent stability rating for the yellow and orange colors, and the stones require no special care after treatments.

Yellow and orange topaz engagement rings are usually priced around $20.00 - $30.00 per carat for sizes less than 5 carats; topaz gemstones of these colors over 5 carats are on average around $60.00 - $80.00 per carat. The price for orange and yellow topaz may also rise dramatically for gemstones which have an especially rich orange, red, and pink undertones. A custom cut stone which maximizes brilliance and fire will also command higher prices.

Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz reflects all the colors of a rainbow, and comes in rainbow shades ranging from dark to beautiful pale rainbows. Mystic topaz was not developed until 1998, and it really was not until 2003 that this type of colored topaz began to increase in popularity. Now, mystic topaz is becoming popular but fortunately prices for this beautiful gemstone are still quite affordable. (Although mystic topaz is growing in popularity, it can still be difficult to locate a quality topaz in this color).

Just like most of the other topaz varieties sold, mystic topaz begins life as a colorless topaz gemstone.

Only a few patented techniques can be used to create the different shades of mystic topaz, and some types of mystic topaz gemstones will not last long in rings which are worn every day.

Mystic topaz which is created through a coating of the surface has a medium stability rating and requires special care. These gemstones should not be exposed to ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, harsh chemicals, and care should be taken not to scratch or chip the stone.

A more recently patented process, known as diffusion, treats colorless topaz gemstones by penetrating a few millimeters into the surface of the stone. This type of process is much more stable, and the gemstone does not require special care once it has received this type of treatment. Signity, a subsidiary of D.Swarovski & Co., purchased the company which held the rights to this patent, and they are now producing and selling diffusion treated mystic topaz.

Diffusion is also being used to produce other colors such as medium-dark blue, champagne yellow, pink to red, and teal.

If you are interested in a mystic topaz ring, especially for the purposes of topaz engagement rings or wedding rings, it is best to purchase mystic topaz which has been created through the diffusion process because of its higher stability and durability rating.

Mystic topaz generally sells for less than $15.00 per carat, although custom cut or unique cut stones which required a lot of labor are priced higher (usually around $200 dollars for a medium sized gemstone).

Brown Topaz

Topaz occurs naturally in brown shades, or it can be produced through irradiation treatments, and some of these brown tones are quite beautiful. The problem is that the color is not stable once it is exposed to light. Due to the instability of this color, brown topaz is not recommended for topaz engagement rings or wedding rings.

Green Topaz

Green topaz is a colorless or lightly tinted colorless topaz gemstone which has either been irradiated (labeled R) or treated with diffusion (labeled U) to produce various green shades of color.

At this time, irradiation to produce green topaz yields very unstable results and the color often fades once it is exposed to sunlight. Diffusion treatments have produced better results, but the color still seems to fade with time. Currently, experiments are underway to try to develop a better green topaz gemstone. Until that process is discovered, for now it is best to avoid purchasing green topaz engagement rings or wedding rings.

Colorless Topaz

Colorless topaz is naturally occurring topaz which has not received any type of treatments. This topaz gemstone is often used for beautiful custom cut topaz rings to showcase the stone's brilliance and fire.

Colorless topaz, also known as white topaz, is extremely affordable with prices around $5.00 per carat for even extremely large carat size stones.

Custom cut colorless topaz stones will fetch higher prices on average around $50.00 - $100 dollars, although some exceptionally fine cut stones can cost up to $1,000 or more dollars. White topaz engagement rings are a wonderful diamond ring alternative for those looking for affordable wedding rings or diamond alternative engagement rings.

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Topaz Fast Fun Facts!

November Birthstone

Durability: Very Good

Meaning: Calming, positive energy

Flash Factor: High

Special Care: Sometimes

Price $$: Affordable

Availability: Good

Top Blue Topaz Engagement and Wedding Band Picks!

Shopping Tips for Topaz Rings

Even though topaz is an extremely affordable and abundant gemstone, it is best to deal with a reputable seller with excellent reviews when you are purchasing topaz rings.

  • Our number one recommendation for topaz engagement rings, wedding rings and topaz men's wedding bands is Gemvara. Not only are rings by this company handmade, and feature gemstones with gorgeous quality cuts, but Gemvara is an extremely ethical company too, with a focus on using low-impact gemstones and metals in rings. You can find an extremely large selection of blue topaz wedding rings through this fantastic resource.

Unfortunately, some sellers are not always honest with buyers about the treatments their topaz has been enhanced with, and whether or not these treatments are stable. Always ask what type of treatment the gemstone has received, and use the information provided above to determine if you wish to purchase a ring that requires any special care.

Beware of names such as: Gold Topaz, Golden Topaz, Smoky Topaz, Madeira Topaz, Brazilian Topaz, Bahia Topaz and Citrine Topaz.

Even though these names have the word 'topaz' in them, they are in fact heat treated citrine gemstones which are, on average, valued at lower prices than topaz. Many unwary customers have paid higher prices for these citrine gemstones because they were led to believe they were actually buying topaz gemstones.

Remember that any white gold topaz ring will require a new rhodium plate about once every 1 to 2 years. Rhodium plate too can be hard on some treated gemstones. If you would like to forgo the costs associated with regular rhodium plating, then stick with a sterling silver topaz ring or a ring made with palladium or platinum - or yellow/rose gold.

Always purchase your topaz engagement rings or wedding rings with a refund policy, and if you are concerned about the quality of the ring have the ring evaluated by an independent local jeweler or a local certified gemologist to verify its authenticity and quality.

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