Created heart shaped ruby ring?

by Anonymous

What about a created heart shaped ruby? Are they easier to find, less expensive and just as well set?


Heart shaped created rubies are definitely less expensive than real rubies – but the price and value of a created heart shaped ruby will depend on whether the created ruby is a synthetic or simulant gemstone.

A synthetic created ruby has the exact same physical properties as a real natural ruby – while a simulant created ruby looks similar to a real ruby but does not have the same physical properties as a natural ruby (simulants in particular are not as durable as synthetic and natural rubies).

Lab created rubies – depending on size and whether they are simulants or synthetics – may cost anywhere from around $20 to $800 dollars or more. Whereas a genuine heart shaped ruby is usually priced (again depending on the carat size and clarity/cut characteristics of the gemstone) at well over $3,000 dollars.

The quality of the setting will depend on the workmanship of the ring. In most cases, you will find higher quality settings and rings with ruby synthetics than with simulants because synthetics are higher valued.

Ruby simulants too which are set in metals like 18k gold or platinum are often made with stellar workmanship as well because the metals they are set in are highly valued. Be careful though with heart shaped ruby simulants which are set in silver or 10k gold – as they might not be made with especially secure settings. And avoid purchasing any rings which are made with plate over copper or brass (or gold plate or silver).

Synthetic gemstones can be a little more difficult to find than simulants - and it is much easier to find simulant heart shaped rubies than real heart shaped rubies.

Synthetics though are sometimes a little easier to find than natural heart shaped rubies. A few online resources for synthetic heart shaped rubies include:

Diamond Nexus Labs has a beautiful selection of loose synthetic heart shaped rubies, in a wide variety of carat sizes - priced at under $500 dollars. The rubies can be ordered loose or set in a 10k gold, 14k gold or platinum ring style of your choice.

Created Diamonds has a small selection of synthetic heart shaped red diamonds – usually priced at under $1,000 dollars - which look quite similar to real rubies, but with extra flash and fire. They also have a collection of rings – so it is possible to order a heart shaped synthetic red diamond ring from them.

You can also purchase a loose synthetic ruby, and have a local jeweler set the ruby in a ring of your choice – this option is ideal if you would like a ring with extra customization features and designs.

If you purchase a heart shaped ruby simulant – like cubic zirconia – be sure to follow the special care guidelines for the simulant.

And if you change your mind and decide to go with a real heart shaped ruby, I highly recommend Gemvara which has a stunning collection of natural heart shaped ruby rings.

Hope this info helps – and do write again if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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