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by Katrina
(New York, NY)

I have always wanted a lab created diamond due to the cruelty associated with natural diamonds and I love my ring! However when I took it to the jewelers to get it resized she said it was not a lab created diamond but CZ, why is this and is my diamond actually cubic zirconium?

Hi Katrina,

I'm not sure if you ordered a Diamond Nexus ring, but Diamond Nexus simulants are not synthetic lab created diamonds. There is a distinct difference between synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants, and distinct physical and chemical differences between DN simulants and cubic zirconia. You can find out more about the unique characteristics of these stones, and how they compare to each other, on our page about Man Made Diamonds but to sum up here is a brief explanation below:

Synthetic diamonds are lab created diamonds that have the same exact physical and chemical properties as a diamond made in nature - the only difference is that synthetic diamonds are created in a lab. (You can find out more about synthetic diamond rings here!).

Colorless or 'white' synthetic diamonds can only be made through intensive laboratory processes which take a lot of time - this is why synthetic colorless diamonds cost either the same, or more than, a comparable natural diamond. (On the other hand, synthetic colored diamonds are much more affordable than their natural counterparts).

Diamond simulants, also created in a lab, look similar to real diamonds, but they do not have the same physical and chemical properties as real natural diamonds. The most popular types of diamond simulants today include cubic zirconia, moissanite and Diamond Nexus simulants.

Diamond Nexus simulants are not cubic zirconia - they include 10 different ingredients which together are used to create the Nexus simulants and are harder than cubic zirconia - with their increased hardness rating, they will hold up well to daily wear for a lifetime and come with a lifetime guarantee too (unlike cubic zirconia).

Diamond Nexus

Diamond Nexus has made it a point to market the diamonds as simulants, and on the Diamond Nexus website you can find a full client education section which explains the processes which are used to create the simulants and how the simulants differ from cubic zirconia.

I'm not sure (if your ring is from Diamond Nexus) why the jeweler would state the ring is made with cubic zirconia - but perhaps the jeweler is not familiar with Diamond Nexus products and assumed it was cubic zirconia because it was a diamond simulant.

If you did not purchase a Diamond Nexus ring, but a ring from somewhere else sold as a synthetic laboratory created diamond - and the ring was priced much lower than a real diamond ring - you may have been taken by someone selling cubic zirconia as lab created synthetic diamonds.

(Keep in mind, that because colorless synthetic diamonds cost the same or more than comparable natural diamonds, a synthetic colorless diamond ring will cost just as much - if not more - than a natural colorless diamond ring with a similar sized diamond).

I hope this info clears up the confusion regarding your ring - do write back if you any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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