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Diamond Nexus Labs creates stunning colorless and fancy color diamond simulants and lab created synthetic rubies, sapphires, topaz and emeralds. And the diamond simulants created by DN are renowned for their durability and exceptional diamond-like qualities.

If you are searching for diamond simulant rings, DN is a great place to start. To see why DN simulants are some of the best man made diamonds in the world, check out the info below including how Nexus diamonds compare to real diamonds, cubic zirconia and moissanite gemstones.

And if you have any questions about DN diamonds, or would like to offer comments, reviews or pics of your fabulous Nexus wedding or engagement ring, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page!

Diamond Nexus

What is a Nexus Diamond?

A Nexus diamond is a type of lab created diamond simulant – a simulant diamond looks similar to a real diamond, but it does not have the exact same chemical and physical characteristics of a real diamond. The synthetic gemstones created by Diamond Nexus Labs - rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc. - do have the exact same properties as their natural counterparts.

If you would like to purchase a man made diamond that is indistinguishable from a real diamond, one that has the exact same physical and chemical properties of a real diamond, you should look for rings made with synthetic lab created diamonds.

The process which is used to create Nexus diamonds is - like the one used to create moissanite diamond simulants - patented and proprietary info....so we'll probably never know how exactly this diamond simulant is crafted.

What we do know, is that DN has an excellent reputation for crafting some of the best man made diamonds on the market - and DN is a favorite with couples searching for diamond simulant rings and inexpensive wedding rings that will remain in stellar condition after years of every day wear.

How Does a Nexus Diamond Compare to Real Diamonds?

Nexus simulant diamonds come close to the physical characteristics of a real diamond, and are to the naked eye optically identical to a diamond, but there are slight differences between the two stones.

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Cost Hardness No Flaws Colorless Brilliance Fire
Diamonds Highest 10.0 Rare Rare Higher High
Nexus Simulant Lower 9.10 Yes Yes Higher High

Nexus diamonds are slightly less hard than a real diamond, and they have a fraction of a bit more brilliance - which can only be detected using scientific instruments that measure the light refraction properties of gemstones.

Nexus diamonds also display the exceptional hearts and arrows visual effect which is not common in diamonds, although diamonds cut to very high standards can achieve this effect.

In addition to physical differences, simulants differ chemically from real diamonds too. A real diamond is pure 100% carbon, whereas the chemical make-up of a Nexus diamond includes a mixture of carbon plus added materials including sulphur, calcium and zirconium.

Diamonds usually contain inclusions and slight tints of color (a completely flawless and colorless diamond is extremely rare and highly valuable) whereas a Nexus simulant is always flawless and does not contain any hint of color tint.

A major difference between these two gemstones is cost. A 1 carat diamond with mediocre cut, clarity and color grades typically starts at over $3,000 dollars whereas a loose 1 carat Nexus diamond starts at around $100 dollars.

How Does a Nexus Diamond Compare to Cubic Zirconia?

While Nexus diamonds contain a small amount of zirconium, these simulants are not the same as cubic zirconia diamond simulants. Physically, Nexus diamonds are harder than cubic zirconia and they look a lot more diamond-like than cubic zirconia stones.

Chemically, cubic zirconia is a lab created product which is made from two ingredients: zirconium and oxygen – also known as zirconium dioxide. Cubic zirconia contains no carbon.

Price wise, Nexus diamonds are more expensive than cubic zirconia simulants but much less expensive than moissanite simulants and real diamonds.

For the use of wedding rings and engagement rings, cubic zirconia has a tendency to pit, gather oils and cloud with time – whereas the stronger and more durable Diamond Nexus Labs simulants are highly resistant to scratches and they will retain their original brilliance and fire – although like real diamonds, these diamond simulant rings look best with an occasional professional clean to restore their luster and shine.

Cost Hardness No Flaws Colorless Brilliance Fire
Nexus Simulant Lower 9.10 Yes Yes Higher High
Cubic Zirconia Simulant Lowest 8.5 Yes Yes High Higher

How Does a Nexus Diamond Compare to Moissanite?

Moissanite is sometimes marketed as a diamond simulant, but more and more companies are beginning to sell moissanite as a ‘diamond alternative’ and to champion moissanite for its own distinct properties. Real moissanite is extremely rare and very expensive, and the moissanite gemstones which are sold in jewelry pieces are lab created synthetic moissanite gemstones.

Physically, moissanite gemstones are slightly stronger than Nexus simulants, but the moissanite simulant has its own unique look and does not resemble a real diamond as closely as a Nexus simulant.

Moissanite has a slight tint like most real diamonds, whereas Nexus diamonds are colorless, and moissanite gemstones have extremely high brilliance and fire qualities – much higher than a real diamond. As a result, moissanite simulants will flash, sparkle and reflect light much more than a real diamond – although couples looking for wedding and engagement rings with tons of flash and fire for an affordable price enjoy the radiant look of these simulants.

Chemically, moissanite is composed of silicon carbide only – so the chemical structure of moissanite and Nexus simulants is quite different too.

In terms of cost, moissanite is higher priced than Nexus diamonds - starting at around $300 dollars for a 1 carat stone. Check out EWR's page on Moissanite Wedding Rings to find out more about this diamond alternative.

Cost Hardness No Flaws Colorless Brilliance Fire
Nexus Simulant Lower 9.10 Yes Yes Higher High
Moissanite Simulant Medium 9.25 Yes Slight Tint Highest Highest

About Diamond Nexus Labs

Diamond Nexus Labs began in 2004 and is located in Franklin, Wisconsin, and in recent years the company has continued to expand its product line to include lab created gemstones and vintage style engagement rings.

The company has also developed a strong commitment to environmental practices including using recycled gold in their jewelry pieces or using gold from ethically sourced Canadian gold mines.

Metals which are available for men’s and women’s wedding ring bands and engagement rings include 14K white and yellow gold, 18K white and yellow gold, platinum and palladium. A selection of men’s titanium and tungsten wedding bands is available too.

Note: 18K gold, platinum, and palladium rings are available with an ‘upgrade’ by special request. On the website only 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold options are available for most products, except for the platinum collection pieces. If you would like to order a style in 18K gold, platinum or palladium that is only available in 14K gold options, you will need to speak with a customer representative for the total price of the ring and to place the order.

Unlike many wedding rings crafted with 14k white gold, Nexus 14k white gold rings are made with palladium and gold alloys and do not contain nickel.

Wedding and engagement ring styles include classic, ornate and vintage styles. Diamond simulants come in almost any type of cut, shape and setting, and the ring bands may be pave or channel set with simulants as well.

Beautiful fancy simulant diamond colors available include: deep chocolate, glacial ice, champagne, bright yellow canary and luscious light pink.

Diamond Nexus Labs Prices

Prices for Nexus wedding and engagement diamond simulant rings range from less than $150 dollars for plain bands to over $800 dollars for ornate rings made with large simulant diamonds or created gemstones. The majority of the engagement rings are priced between $500 to $1,500 dollars. For wedding rings on a budget, DN has a 10K Value Line too.

Pros and Cons of Diamond Nexus Labs Products

Nexus diamond simulants create gorgeous diamond simulant rings made with some of the best man made diamonds that look strikingly similar to real diamond rings - and for an affordable price!

Diamond Nexus Labs also offers a 30-day return policy on all purchases, free re-sizing if the rings do not fit, engraving options, overnight delivery if necessary and a triple lifetime guarantee for all Nexus stones against chipping, discoloration, fading, cracks or breaks.

Rings made with lab created stones are ethical and environmentally friendly – you can be 100% positive that these stones are completely conflict free and friendly for the environment as no mining operations are necessary to obtain lab created gemstones.

The cons of Nexus gemstones and simulant diamonds?

The main con to any simulants is simply that they are not real diamonds and so their value will not be anywhere near as high as a real diamond or gemstone wedding or engagement ring.

You and your partner should discuss these pros and cons to decide if a lab created diamond is right for your wedding or engagement rings.

And if you would like to see the entire line of DN engagement rings and wedding bands, visit Diamond Nexus Labs.

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